Italian Fashion

The Glamour of Italian Fashion

Elegance is a component in the Italian blood many Italians would with no second thought give up comfort in order to achieve elegance. As a whole nation Italy cherishes an outward appearance. Yes it is good to have a great heart but Italians would expect that you have a great sense of dressing, well groomed hair and a very neat pair of shoe to give you the elegant look. This explains why Italy has the best artist, designers and tailors. It is a combination of culture, attitude, talent and beliefs that has brought Italy's fashion on top of the world's fashion.

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Houses of fashion

From the modern fashion pioneers, Elsa Schiaparelli to Roberto Cavalli the modern czar of extravagant, Italian fashion has been having it all. Italian women and men have the best fashion visionaries that are watching over their fashion and what they wear, be it perfumes, clothes, hair, jewellery or shoes. Italians who are privileged have had Zegna and Brioni to look after what they wear once they are out of working offices and names like the house of Valentino to call when they need clothes for the really special occasions. Armani helps the Italians be subdued but still elegant while the house of Versace has given them a very new meaning of glamour. Other fashion labels that are discussed all over the world include Diesel, Ferragamo, Missoni, Ferre, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Bvlgari and Damiani.

Hollywood in the picture

Other countless names across Italy continue to make the Italian men and women beautiful and ever glittering in all functions and events. Hollywood has taken the Italian sense of dressing and paid homage to the Italians, most of the clothes, jewellery, perfume, hair do and perfumes that the Hollywood uses to grace the red carpets are products made in Italy, it has been a trend for the past few decades now.

National passion

For Italians fashion is like a national passion, if you want to see the latest trends and fashions you just need to glance in restaurants, piazzas and streets. They wear clothes to show off their best parts and hide their flaws, every Italian follows a trend that is best for their bodies and best suits them. Though there are few Italians who will go for something that is trendy but it is not durable, genuine or classic. For the Italians it is not about the clothes at all but Italians fashion is actually more about their attitude an attitude of fluid, custom made and sophistication.


Across the world industries and fashion designers have tried to match up the Italian fashion industry. This is by either making a copy of their designs or doing something close to them. Many with a dream of succeeding in the industry have also gone to learn in Italy so as to improve their skills.  Our love of Italian products though should make us be conscious not to fall prey of the people making counterfeits labels.